The Full Story

Welcome all,

Thank you for stopping by The Gifted Ones page. Just a brief insight on what we're about. We focus on satisfying our clients/customers. We create what you order. I'll start with the resin pieces. We have several different molds and shapes. Take a look at our products and if you don't see a mold or a resin product you like just send us a quick email and I'll gladly respond. As far as our apparel, we customize t shirts, tutus, shorts, pants, skirts, hats and masks. We also customized children's apparel like t shirts, onesies, tutus. shorts, pants and outfits. We also customize canvases ( especially for special days & holidays), throw blankets, pillows. tea towels, and tote bags. As stated before if there is anything you would like to order and don't see a photo just send a email. Thank you & Enjoy!